Summit Christian Preschool

SCA offers a preschool program for 3 and 4-year-olds, five, three or two days each week with half day or full day options.

Preschool Skill Sets

  • Social Development
    • Sharing, listening, and following more complex directions
    • Extending attention span
  • Fine Motor Development
    • Fine tuning hand-eye coordination and fine motor control
    • Drawing pictures, writing one’s name and letter development
  • Gross Motor Development: Mastering skills such a running, jumping, skipping, throwing and catching through active play
  • Communication
    • Learning to speak with peers and adults
    • Growth in active vocabulary
  • Cognitive Development
    • Math skills – numeral identification, graphing, categorizing, patterning, and shapes
    • Letter identification and associated sounds
    • Pre-reading skills
    • Learning themes that allow children to observe, experiment, create, and discover