Stamp Duty for General Agreement in Delhi

In order to calculate stamp duty, it is therefore first necessary to determine in which category the document or instrument belongs. For the calculation of stamp duty, there are 3 categories of transactions: to register the document and be legally effective before the courts, the payment of stamp duty is mandatory. Otherwise, the document is not legally enforceable in court and cannot be registered. Most state stamp laws do not contain any provisions regarding electronic records, except that some, as in Maharashtra, the Maharashtra Stamp Act, 1958 (“MSA”) refer to electronic records in the definition of “instrument”. States such as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan refer to electronic documents in the definition of “instrument” and therefore levy stamp duty on electronic documents. It is brought to the attention of the public that the Government of India has made the following amendments to Gazette Notification No. 56 of 24 September 2001 published in the Extraordinary India Gazette, Part II, Section 1: Stamped paper is to be purchased on behalf of the Parties. Stamp duty must be paid by the buyer in the event of a sale of real estate and is shared by both parties if it is an exchange of ownership. Under the Indian Stamp Act, there is no provision dealing with electronic agreements or stamp duty payable for such agreements. 2. Introduction of section 17(1)(A) into the Indian Registration Act, which enters into contracts for the transfer of real property within the meaning of section 53(A) of the Transfer of Title for Consideration Act, including the mandatory registration agreement.

According to Section 3 of the Act of Parliament (the Indian Stamp Act), stamp duty may be levied on the following document: Stamp duty is a fee that is legally payable on the basis of the value of the property and serves as proof of any type of purchase or sale. New Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the fastest growing cities in northern India. Known as the heart of India, New Delhi is one of the world`s largest metropolises in terms of population. It is the political center of India and has a rapidly growing real estate market that attracts more and more property registrations throughout the year, leading to a significant increase in stamp duty every year. We covered the important things about stamp duty in Delhi. Stamp duty is a kind of recipe for the government. It is therefore everyone`s duty to pay the necessary stamp duty to the government for the transactions that take place. For the preparation of legal documents, online templates, affidavits and more, please register with You can also use the printing and delivery service with stamp paper in case you have a drawing to print on stamp paper and deliver to your address. A stamp duty equal to 90 % of the tax as a transport service payable on the consideration indicated in the document is due on this instrument and the remainder of the 10 % of the tax is due at the time of drawing up the document. Failure or delay in the payment of stamp duty on the document will result in a penalty of at least 2% to a maximum of 200% per month on the unpaid amount. The penalty for non-payment of stamp duty includes a fine or imprisonment.

Liability may be imposed by agreement by either party to the agreement for the payment of stamp duty. Section 29 of the Parliament Act gives the contracting parties the power to decide which of the parties to the agreement is required to pay the stamp duty levied on the contract in question which, in the absence of an agreement, imposes on certain persons the obligation to pay stamp duty. Similarly, Article 30 of the State legislature provides that the parties to the agreement choose which of the parties to the agreement is required to pay the stamp duty levied on the agreement in question and, in the absence of such an agreement, imposes liability on a particular party for the payment of stamp duty. Although the rate of stamp duty varies from state to state, the general principle of the tax remains the same. Stamp duty is a legal tax that must be paid in full for the completion of a transaction. .