What Must Be Included In The Agreement To Sell In Victoria

The specific rules on the use of housing are another aspect of the certificate, including whether pets are allowed, the protocol for hanging linen on balconies and the type of renovation work that can be carried out. A seller`s statement (also known as Section 32) must be prepared by your lawyer, as it is a legal document and must be objectively correct. Any government planning proposal that is known must be communicated to the buyer when inspecting a property, there are many aspects that are not immediate or obvious. As such, the law requires the seller to pass on certain cases to the buyer so that he can make an informed decision about the purchase of the property. The seller must provide the buyer with information about the exits from the land If you or your partner buy a property that you have been responsible for selling, you must obtain written confirmation from the Seller using the disclosure of conflicts of interest to the Seller (Word, 677KB). The supplier`s statement in Section 32 provides the buyer with important information about the condition of the property. The legislation stipulates that the seller must bring certain things to the buyer on the property. Therefore, since this is a legal obligation, it has serious consequences if a statement from the section 32 supplier is not presented or is incomplete or erroneous. For every property on the market in the State of Victoria, whether in the countryside or in the city, a Section 32 listing must be attached to the sales contract. The document is separate and in addition to the sales contract.

The buyer should receive both documents in a property for sale. As a general rule, the seller makes the document available to potential buyers before the sale or auction. If you have completed the renovations of your home as a contractor and plan to sell within six and a half years after construction, you must receive an inspection report. This report, subject to the defects listed, guarantees ownership for processing defects for the remainder of the period. They may also be required to provide special guarantees as to the quality of the work performed, the quality of the materials used and compliance with the laws and requirements when carrying out the work.