Wayne County Sheriff Collective Bargaining Agreement

The majority of members must approve the agreement before it can be accepted as a contract. Eu members ratified the agreement on 31 May. The county`s Board of Supervisors ratified the agreement and approved the use of the necessary funds at a meeting on June 18. This is the first deal with the Teamsters who replaced the former collective agent in 2018. The parties found themselves at an impasse in the negotiations and conducted an arbitration hearing on interest rates that will no longer be necessary under the agreement. Steven M. LeRoy, Chair of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors, said, “I am pleased that the county and the Union have successfully completed the negotiations. The agreement is fair and appropriate and will ensure the continuation and continuity of criminal protection for the citizens of Wayne County. I would also like to acknowledge and congratulate the members of the Board of Supervisors, Laurie Crane, Ken Miller and Dave Spickerman, Rick House County Administrator and Chris Kalinski, County Human Resources Director, for their diligent and dedicated work on the county bargaining team. A committee of our collaborators – which we have chosen – meets and hammers an agreement known as a “union contract” on all matters that concern our bargaining unit. The committee sits on an equal footing with management at the bargaining table.

In environments such as home care, a committee of providers/members that we choose meets with representatives of the relevant public authority to discuss issues relating to our daily lives. The trade union committee represents the combined strength of all union members. The agreement provides for a restructuring of the existing basic wage system by adding a new upper tier, as well as more stable adjustments for the senior members of the bargaining unit to encourage the retention of members of the unit. In addition, interregional base salary increases will be 2.5% for 2016 and 2017, 1.5% for 2018 and 2019 and 3% for 2020 and 2021. No other monetary element shall be increased as a result of this Agreement. Of course, money was a major issue, but that too was overshadowed by an earlier provision in county contracts that incentivizes employees to meet certain dates of employment with the county. The longer they worked for the county, the more their base salary increased by a certain percentage. After 5 years, it was 1%, 10 years 3.5%, after 23 years up to 10%. Contract negotiations became brutal when some fought on social media, intervened and made personal comments In May, Wayne County, Wayne County Sheriff and Teamsters Local 118 concluded negotiations on a six-year collective agreement for the county sheriff`s deputy bargaining unit for the period from January 1, 2016 to December 31. 2021. .

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