Summit Up in June

A two-week, Bible-centered, educational fun experience for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Summit Up in June offers a two-week, Monday through Friday, educational fun experience for students entering kindergarten through grade 12. It will take place on the SCA campus on June 18 to 29 in the mornings from 8:45 to 11:30 am. There is an emphasis on our biblical philosophy of education in choosing staff, selecting courses to be taught, defining God-centered goals for each course and sharing truth about salvation and the Christian life. There will be a closing program on Friday evening, June 29, at 6:30 pm so Summit Up in June participants can share their accomplishments.


  • Offer an opportunity to extend and to vary Christian learning experiences beyond the school year.
  • Add an opportunity to reinforce learning, to encourage new educational experiences and to grow in knowledge of God’s Word and in His grace.
  • Prepare students for future learning by introducing them to new areas of study.
  • Provide interesting and positive learning opportunities beyond the scope of the traditional school-year curriculum.

Tuition and Admission Requirements

If the online application is used, a $25 non-refundable application fee must be mailed to the school to complete the application process. If a paper application is used, please mail the application with the $25 non-refundable application to the school. Applications are incomplete until the application fee is received.

The fee for a course is $125. A $25 “Early Bird Discount” and/or a $25 “Bring a Friend Discount” may be applied. The course fee must be paid in full before the first session begins on June 18. Parents must consent to have their daughter/son taught according to the statement of faith of SCA.

A Dramatic Experience (Grades 3-12)

Students will spend the two weeks learning and applying various aspects of theatre production, culminating in a drama production, performed at the Summit Up Finale on Friday evening, June 29. Individual and group learning and performance will be emphasized. This will provide a good experience to help develop public speaking skills.

Instructor: Mrs. Melissa Feldman
Melissa holds a degree in secondary education with a minor in speech/drama. She has taught drama for over 10 years and has directed numerous plays for schools and local churches. “I love being a part of the creative process that drama provides and to see students develop God given talents that can be used for His glory.”

Animal Discovery (Grades 1-6)

This class will provide students entering grades 1-6 with facts and practical information in regards to different types of animals. We will be learning about animal habitats, what they eat (carnivores, herbivores, etc.), their class (mammal, reptile, bird, etc.). In this class we will also be learning through fun crafts, projects, animal movement activities, and outdoor discovery. Topics include: habitats, classes, forest animals, tropic animals, desert animals, and ocean animals

Instructor: Mrs. Tiana Haas
Growing up I always had keen interest and love for animals. Over the years I have gained knowledge through experiences with the pets I have had and information I have gathered. To this day I still have an interest and heart for animals. It is amazing the closer we look at animals how God created them with habits, skills, and instincts to survive and thrive. In this course we will learn more about animal habitats, animal groups, and animal characteristics. I believe in using many methods to help engage and deepen students understanding of lesson content. We will be reading books, doing group activities, creating habitats, crafts, and so much more! I want to take this opportunity to share my interest and information about animals with your child during this summer course as we discover more about God’s creation!

Art Exploration (Grades 6-9)

After learning basic drawing skills, we will complete 4 separate works of art using graphite, acrylic, colored pencil and watercolor. Shading skills and color theory will be discussed while doing each piece. Master artists’ works will be viewed for inspiration.

Instructor: Blanche J. Baransky
Blanche enjoys using her art and photography to help non-profit organizations raise funds and broadcast their missions. Her work has been published in several books, magazines, and calendars. She has also taught children’s classes in photography, basic drawing, painting, and fingerprint art.

Classic Children's Literature (Kindergarten-Grade 2)

This exciting, yet practical course utilizes classic children’s literature to help foster a love of reading in children. Designed specifically for children entering grades kindergarten through 2nd grade, the program incorporates a variety of crafts and hands-on activities, making each story come alive for a young reader. By providing children with a love of reading at an early age, a student will have the foundational tools for strong future academic success.

Instructor: Mrs. Jill May
Jill received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education with an additional endorsement in Early Childhood Education from Taylor University in Indiana. For more than 20 years, Jill has been teaching students in the classroom as well as her own children at home to develop a love for reading. Her passion is to equip students at an early age to fall in love with learning.

CSI -- Applying Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Grades 7-12)

This is a crime scene investigation class incorporating elements of biology (blood cells, DNA, fingerprinting), chemistry (combustion), and physics (force, velocity/acceleration). Students will be challenged to figure out who committed the crime by applying principles of science involved in that process.

Instructor: Mr. Landon Morey
Growing up, crime and detective shows were some of Landon’s favorites to watch. In college, he majored in biology and his favorite labs were ones where they ran DNA and studied fingerprints. With his degree in biology and experience in running labs, he hopes to show students that science can be used in a variety of ways, even in solving crime.

Introduction to Brass Musical Instruments (Grades 3-12)

The student will learn the basic functions of musical instruments, focusing primarily on trumpet. The course will demonstrate how the instrument produces sound, and how it is possible to produce the desired notes. The use of instruments, especially brass instruments, in secular and biblical venues will be explored. This is a great opportunity for young people who already play trumpet or another brass instrument and who want to develop their skills. Beginners are also welcome.

Instructor: Retired U.S. Army Chaplain James May
Mr. May has played trumpet for over 60 years. After high school he won a scholarship to play with the Valley Forge Military Academy Band in Wayne, PA. He then studied at Houghton College with Mr. Keith Clark, retired from the US Army Band, and bugler for JFK’s funeral. From 1968 through 1975 he played as a member of the US Marine Band and Drum and Bugle Corps in Washington, DC. He currently plays with  the Northern Tier Symphony Orchestra.

What is a world view and why do I need one? (Grades 7-12)

Through a variety of top-notch, relevant speakers, students will be given the tools necessary to build a solid biblical foundation of thinking that will prepare them for life both during and after high school. A recent survey from Lifeway Research showed that approximately 70% of high school students drop out of church attendance after graduation. Why? One main reason is that they are often told what to think, but not told how to think with a biblical worldview. During this two-week experience, students will have the opportunity to spend time with other Christian teenagers, while hearing a series of powerful messages that will help to shape their lives for years to come.

Instructors/Guest Speakers

Andy Giessman
Andy has more than 20 years of ministry experience and is a sought-after speaker for youth groups throughout the US, delivering radical messages that challenge students to think through the claims of Jesus Christ. He teaches philosophy at Marywood University and teaches theology and philosophy at The University of Scranton. He holds advanced degrees in theology and philosophy and is a Doctor of Ministry Philosophy student at Talbot School of Theology, a graduate program of Biola University. He is the current president of Addison’s Walk Institute. Andy will be the featured speaker each day during the first week.

Laura (Howell) Sommons
A 1988 graduate of The Baptist High School (now Summit Christian Academy), Laura felt the call the speak to women more than 20 years ago while a student at Clarks Summit University. In 2016, she started Lavishly Loved Ministry and she has been a sought-after speaker since that time. With an incredibly powerful testimony of redemption, Laura has a speaking style that will captivate teenagers and challenge them to adopt a worldview of being designed and loved by God. “Struggling with an eating disorder in college and admitting myself to a psychiatric ward at 18 is not what any young girl plans for her life”, she says.  “But my God, He continues to show me daily just how precious I am to him”.

(Note to parents: Laura’s presentation will deal with sensitive topics of eating disorders and a panel discussion on the current #MeToo movement as it relates to teenagers struggling with sexual abuse. Discretion will be used throughout the presentation and parents are permitted to attend).

Pastor James Buchanan
James has served as a full-time pastor for over 16 years, and he currently teaches Bible and math (grades 5 t0 9) at Summit Christian Academy. He also serves as an adjunct at Clarks Summit University in the Bible and Counseling programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. James has a passion for teens to develop the skills to understand and discern the times in which they live so they can be an effective witness for Christ.

James May
A 1988 graduate of The Baptist High School (now Summit Christian Academy), James May is a former U.S. Army chaplain who currently serves as the Regional Press Director for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. From 2009 to 2010, he served as the statewide Campaign Manager for the Sam Rohrer for Governor campaign and later as the Director of Conservative Outreach for former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. He holds a Master of Divinity from Baptist Bible Seminary and has done additional graduate work at Jerusalem University College, Israel. He has served as in Instructor at Victoria Baptist Bible College, Melbourne, Australia, and at Clarks Summit University. For the past six years, James and his wife Jill have worked extensively with local high school students, leading two groups of students to attend the Disney Leadership Program in Florida and mission trips to Ecuador and Honduras. A former youth pastor and gifted communicator, James has a passion for providing teenagers with the foundational tools necessary to equip them for a lifetime of service to God after they graduate high school.