Summit Up In June


A two-week, Bible-centered, educational fun experience for students in kindergarten through grade 10.

Summit Up in June offers a two-week educational fun experience for students entering kindergarten through grade 10.  Summit Up runs weekday mornings from 8:45 to 11:30 am. There is an emphasis on our biblical philosophy of education in choosing staff, selecting courses to be taught, defining God-centered goals for each course and sharing truth about salvation and the Christian life. There will be a closing program on the last Friday evening at 6:30 pm, so Summit Up in June participants can share their accomplishments.



  • To offer an opportunity to extend and to vary Christian learning experiences beyond the school year.
  • To add an opportunity to reinforce learning, to encourage new educational experiences and to grow in knowledge of God’s Word and in His grace.
  • To prepare students for future learning by introducing them to new areas of study.
  • To provide interesting and positive learning opportunities beyond the scope of the traditional school-year curriculum.
  • To have fun!

Course Offerings

(To Be Announced)