Private Currency Exchange Agreement

3 3. TRANSACTION PROCEDURES: 1) PARTIES, DIRECTLY OR THROUGH THEIR AUTHORIZED MANDATED REPRESENTATIVE WOULD ACCEPT, SIGN, SEAL AND RETURN THIS CURRENCY EXCHANGE AGREEMENT ALONG WITH THE FPA BY FAX OR IN PDF-FORMAT (HARD COPIES TO BE SENT BY COURIER SERVICE IF REQUIRED). 2) THIS LONG AGREEMENT WITH THE FPA MUST BE CONCLUDED WITH EACH PARTY S BANK. 3) EUR-P BANK WILL SEND PROOF OF FUNDS (POF) OF 500M TO USDP`S BANK WITHIN 24 HOURS OF EXECUTION. POF NEEDS A TEAR SHEET (NO MORE THAN 3 DAYS) FROM SWIFT TO USD PROVIDER S BANK. 4) After receiving SWIFT from the EURO Provider Bank, the USD Supplier Bank will immediately issue the conditional transfer of SWIFT MT103 from USD to EUR Providers Bank. 5) Immediately after confirmation of receipt and authentication of the conditional MT103 SWIFT, the euro provider bank bank of THE USD supplier, with SWIFT MT103 unconditionally, will send the amount corresponding to the current agreed tranche and the USD received by the conditional SWIFT of the USD will be automatically released. Commissions/commissions are paid immediately. 6) FREIGHT TRANCHES ARE FURTHER THAN THE ABOVE PROCEDURE UNTIL THE USD IS EXHAUSTED OR THE AMOUNT OF AGREEMENT IS COMPLETED. 4) TERMS AND CONDITIONS: a. Banking Coordinates of EURO PRINCIPAL AND USD PRINCIPAL AS PER ANNEX A Contracting parties must comply with the banks` directives relating to the Anti-Terrorism Act and Patriot Act I and II.

The buyer is not responsible for the harmful money laundering. b. BANKS COORDINATES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USD-P and EUR-P: Bank account data are attached to Schedule A and cannot be changed for the duration of this agreement without written notification to all beneficiaries of advisory fees and commissions five days before any change. 4 v. CONSULTANCY FEES: THE PAYOR DER CONSULTING FEES UND COMMISSIONS AS WELL AS THE PRINCIPAL EURO AND USD AS PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL ENGAGENT irrevocably to pay the consulting fees when paying each tranche exchanged, including all roles and renewals, as follows: d. CONSULTANCY FEES TO EURO-S SIDE: From the Euro-Prinzipal e. CONSULTANCY FEES TO USD-PRINCIPAL S SIDE: Pay of Euro-Prinzipal auf die vom Paymaster in ANHANG C ATTACHED bezeichneten Banken. f. CONSULTANCY FEES BANKING INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION: Euro PRINCIPAL releases money in the form of USD in exchange for payment from THE PAY g. ORDERS Fee Agreement- attached to eur and USD FACILITATORS – BENEFICIARIES, on SWIFT WIRE TRANSFER bank accounts listed in payment orders. All payments to intermediary transfers must include the following statement: FOR IMMEDIATE CREDIT -Instant Cash Payment same day value 5. OTHER CONDITIONS AND CONDITIONS: 1) EXCHANGE RATE: The exchange rate is agreed as the official interbank exchange rate set in the morning at the time of the exchange.

The date on which euro assets are deposited into the USD account for the transaction is considered an exchange date. 2) TERM OF AGREEMENT: This contractual agreement is a full appeal agreement applicable in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction of the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland or a European Union country. And this law governs interpretation, opposability, performance, performance, validity, and all other such matters in relation to this contract. And it is fully in force until the closing of the transaction and is legally binding on the signatories, their heirs, successors and beneficiaries of the transfer, representatives, contractors, lawyers and all parties involved in this transaction. This agreement sets out the conditions governing the purchase, sale, fixing and/or any other transaction related to or in connection with bullion (collective transactions) between Saudi The USD Provider and EURO P, which are available to the legal price of US dollars (USD) and euros in a bank, and which are punishable by the right to the legal infringement, as applicable, ensures that US funds in dollars and euros come entirely from legal sources and not from drug trafficking or money laundering activities, terrorist organizations or other criminal activities, nor confirmed that the funds are good, clean, clear and non-criminal, free of any guarantee and tax rights, freely transferable to be exchanged for euros (euros) and dollars.