Jetblue Ticketing Agreement

On October 18, 2019, JetBlue and Norwegian Air Shuttle announced a draft Interline agreement that would allow the sale of jointly issued tickets that would come into effect in 2020 if the two airlines agree. The partnership is used by all airlines already present at New York-JFK, Boston and Fort Lauderdale airports. [143] The two fast-growing airlines signed a Memorandum of Understanding for an interline agreement that would allow travellers to combine flights between Europe and America for a single ticket. In 2011, JetBlue entered into interline agreements with Virgin Atlantic and Jet Airways, both of which were terminated. [140] [141] Since 2012, JetBlue has entered into an interline agreement with Air China. In addition, an Interline agreement was reached with Porter Airlines, which moved from Billy Bishop Airport to Toronto City to Boston and Newark to the United States. [142] A decade ago this week, JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ:JBLU) and American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) announced a partnership to strengthen their positions in the New York and Boston markets. An Interline agreement allowed customers to book tickets that are connected between different domestic markets operated by JetBlue on more than a dozen of American`s international routes. Airlines have also used a limited level of versatility. As part of the agreement announced Thursday, JetBlue and American Airlines will enter into mutual codeshare and loyalty agreements.

JetBlue customers have access to 60 American Airlines routes from New York and Boston, while American Airlines customers have access to 130 JetBlue routes. This is not Interjet`s first Interline agreement. Last year, the airline announced a similar deal with Emirates. This has allowed the Mexican airline to offer the world of destinations operated by the Emirati airline. For JetBlue, however, the advantage of this Interline agreement is not on Interjet`s international roadmap. In fact, JetBlue flies the same international destinations as Interjet, with the exception of Canada and El Salvador. What JetBlue earns is the Mexican domestic market. The loyalty program agreement between the two includes selected routes between Boston Logan International Airport and New York`s John F.

Kennedy International Airport. Airlines enter into Interline agreements because they allow them to offer more destinations without having to make significant investments. “This new agreement with Norwegian seamlessly connects JetBlue`s robust network in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America to exciting European destinations on our new partner`s itinerary map,” said Robin Hayes, JetBlue`s Chief Executive Officer. “Norwegian shares our belief that customers will benefit if we can bring competition and low prices to the transatlantic market, which is currently dominated by joint ventures, legacy alliances and ticket prices.” We are very pleased to announce another very important interline agreement between Interjet and JetBlue,” said Julio Gamero, Interjet`s Commercial Director. This partnership will allow passengers from both airlines to access more amazing destinations in the U.S. and Mexico, while JetBlue`s business and leisure travelers will be able to experience our unique low-priced brand with free checked baggage at selected rates, business-class legroom between each seat and excellent service.” he added.