Cooperation Agreement Project

4.3 When a party proposes to employ a subcontractor to carry out part of that part`s work on the project, that employment can only be carried out under conditions that allow that party to fulfil its obligations under this agreement. This contracting party may not grant the subcontractor any rights to or in the context of information or knowledge patents of the other contracting parties without the prior written consent of the other parties. (b) the right of each party and its associated undertakings to sublicinate the rights covered in the first paragraph in the context of normal transactions to third parties, provided that each of these sublicensors is subject to a written agreement or other legally equivalent method establishing the rights of the party or parties concerned, and to protect the confidentiality of the protection information conferred on that third party. 2. Unless the parties unanimously set the procedures and timetables for the transmission of the software results generated by the project, to the extent previously agreed in writing and to the pre-agreed measure in writing, or within one year of the start of the project or, if not within a later period to be determined by mutual agreement. Option 3 With respect to section 4.1.1 of these provisions, the parties agree that their contributions to the project are not considered balanced. Favourable conditions may be set provided that the contracting parties can agree on a different provision between them. The right of each party and its associated companies to adapt, modify, convert, convert, translate and copy the results of the project (including, but not just the right to adapt them). However, the source code contained in the results of the software, which contains essential parts of existing know-how information, is not disclosed and no rights are granted for the use of such a source code of the software results, unless the parties concerned enter into a specific agreement for this purpose; and 8.3 Each party is solely responsible for the losses incurred by the person or by third parties because that part of the project is the origin of the project. 1.3 The term “subcontractor” refers to a third party who, as part of a contract with a party, performs the project at no cost to himself. 9.1 The CPA comes into effect after being retroactively from all contracting parties………………. was signed.

and provided, for each of them, that funds for the project have been or will be allocated. Each notification under the CPA must be sent by mail, fax or e-mail and, in the latter two cases, confirmed by mail at the following addresses: – The follow-up of the information exchange mechanism through expert.B meetings and workshops 2.2 The scope of the project is defined in the full project proposal. The full project proposal is an integral part of this agreement only by reference. 7.4 If, In the course of the project`s work, collaborators and/or subcontractors of several contracting parties work together on an invention, project or work and the characteristics of this common invention, design or work are not able to separate it for the purposes of the application or obtaining the protection conferred by a patent or other intellectual property rights, the parties concerned may jointly apply for the patent or other intellectual property rights.


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