Collective Nouns As Subject Verb Agreement

Regarding capitalization, Chicago Manual of Style says: “Words that refer to political divisions – from the Empire, republic and state to the municipality and municipality – are emphasized when they follow a name and are used as an accepted part of the name. If the name is preceded, these terms are usually capitalized on behalf of countries, but are put in tiny places in units below the national level. Only used, they are usually small. Example: Washington State; Washington State. There must be a singular verb: the state must take care of its citizens. If a person`s name ends in s, we must add it for the plural. The plural of the name Collins is Collins. Since the subject is plural, use the plural verb are. The much a phrase is followed by a singular name and takes a singular verb. Then write: “Many citizens of a country are willing to live with the world.” As we mention in Rule 9 of the subject verb agreement, a collective noun such as the company may, depending on the author`s intention, adopt a singular or pluralistic verb. Since the author has chosen to clarify companies as “those who” it seems that your friend prefers a plural interpretation. The sentence could be recast to avoid the collective question of the verb noun-verb: I think the singular verb is just because the subject is a unit, but I want to be sure. If that is not true, I want to know why. The general rule is: “The expression of the number is followed by a singular verb, while the expression is followed by a number by a plural.” Your sentences are correct and your mnemonic is good.

For more information, visit our blog The Number vs. A Number. Since you have several themes in your sentence, use the plural verb. In addition, many publishers would remove the comma after “life.” The collective nomadic committee seems to act as a unit in your first sentence and as individuals in the second sentence. The Committee debates these issues carefully. The commission leads very different lives in the private sector. The word people is a plural name. Therefore, plural love is used. Our article When to Add s to a Verb provides more information on how to choose the right verb form. Using the plural verb are because these two themes are by and connected. One thing I read and hear diverts my attention from what is said to say how it is said involves a numbers agreement.

For example, someone might say, “My fear number one is a heart attack.” Obviously, the spokesperson fears “a heart attack” or simply a “heart attack”, but often the subject and the predictive nominative (if I remember my English high school correctly) do not match in number. In my career as a judicial journalist, I have not been able to change the words spoken, but as a young writer, I have again rephrased sentences to avoid this construction simply because it does not sound right. It`s a matter of judgment. Our rule 7 of the subject-verbal agreement says: “Use a single verb with distances, periods, sums of money, etc., if they are considered a unit.” This rule corresponds to the discussion in the first sentence of this article on “Nomen … as a unit. A period, when considered a unit, requires a singular verb: five months is over.