Cloud Service Provider Agreement

4.3 If the customer receives a paid subscription plan directly from the Local Unit Unify / Atos (sales office), this CSA ends with Unify as soon as a cloud service agreement enters into force with the Unify / Atos unit. See section 6.2. SLAs identify the services and service level objectives that the cloud provider offers to the cloud customer. SLAs are expressed in metrics of service performance; measurements are generally measured in numbers. Neither the terminology of the SLAs nor the willingness to negotiate ALS are the same between different cloud providers. This has triggered initiatives to harmonize service level agreements between cloud providers and customers at European and international level. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 14.17 (Full Agreement; Amendments; Executing) of the CGVs, the Client agrees and acknowledges that AVEVA may modify or partially modify all or part of the terms of the agreement by publishing these changes or amendments (or the amended or amended agreement) to, and these changes or changes take effect when they are published. If changes or changes to the agreement have a significant negative effect on the customer`s use of the product, the customer may terminate the transaction document with respect to the product concerned by sending a notification of termination to AVEVA on the tenth day or before the publication date of these changes or changes (or the amended or amended agreement). If the customer cancels the transaction document regarding the product concerned, AVEVA will provide the customer with a refund of all subscription fees paid in advance, but not used, paid to AN AVEVA for that product as part of the corresponding transaction document for the corresponding remaining portion of TD`s duration. For more information on ABT`s cloud services, check out the award-winning MortgageWorkSpace app, used by Microsoft 365 for mortgage companies.

The steps in the termination process must be clearly defined in the cloud service agreement between the parties; Make sure the supplier has a certification or certificate issued by an independent third party; The Supervisory Authorities of The Member States (SA) have divided the main risks related to privacy and the protection of personal data in the cloud into two categories: select a cloud service provider to ensure compliance with EU data protection legislation; How to protect personal data in cloud services contracts The right to data portability is certainly applicable to private data managers, whereas, according to recital 68, the RGPD “should not, by its nature, object to the processing of personal data in the performance of its public service missions.”