Bacs Membership Agreement

If you do not wish to continue paying by debit, you will need to contact your bank via the direct debit system, as well as Spotlight, in order to arrange another payment method. Please note that this does not automatically terminate your membership, which will continue until the termination with Spotlight under the membership conditions. No, if you need to change an existing collection system, call our member helpline on 0800 716 376 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. Missed payments for a suspended membership must be repaired within 14 calendar days of the date the services were suspended. Otherwise, your membership will expire prematurely and you will be considered a failed member. You can reactivate your Spotlight subscription at any time after your membership ends; However, a member who has previously taken a late monthly payment will only be offered a monthly payment option after two years of affiliation, payable in advance by debit or credit card. All Spotlight offers and discounts are subject to availability and will be provided at our discretion and discretion.

Discounts and offers are not retrospective. For some discounts, for example. B on membership dues, proof may be required at regular intervals. Spotlight reserves the right to modify and/or refuse offers and discounts at any time. Spotlight reserves the right to refuse or terminate without explanation membership/membership/services to Spotlight members, agents, casting subscribers or casting guests. If The Spotlight membership or subscription is terminated or refused at will, a full refund will be granted. Bacs participants work in a clear and transparent governance structure, supported by important legal agreements, rules and procedures. Important documents are listed below, some are immediately available, and some are available under non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as the demand for participation increases. You are contacted every year to confirm that your Spotlight subscription must continue. If you decide to cancel your Spotlight subscription, your profile remains available for the time indicated during your last subscription extension. If your Spotlight membership is cancelled, we may strive to offer you another chance to participate and we will retain the amount of personal and business data needed to accomplish this goal. We do not guarantee that we will make these follow-up offers.

If you are a brand new spotlight member, make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions of your unique cooling-off period in the Member States` Terms of Use. For some member groups, your card can be pre-authorized in the event of a card payment, which creates a freeze on your card until payment is made or the transaction is cancelled. Please note that communications for former members mentioned above are not part of your Spotlight subscription and are not guaranteed. Spotlight reserves the right to archive and delete old Records of Spotlight members in order to monitor the accuracy of data stored on our system in accordance with the Data Protection Act. If you have any further questions or would like to give an opinion on the service, please contact our member helpline on 0800 716 376 Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. In addition, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently terminate Spotlight subscriptions, subscriptions and accounts if our employees or anyone else is exposed to abusive, offensive or threatening behaviour; If the information transmitted cannot be validated If there are fraudulent applications or activities (or if there is a legitimate suspicion); When audit and membership criteria are no longer met; Spotlight has received several complaints about an individual or associated company that are being investigated and confirmed (the individual/company is not involved); Where the use of the person or company on the platform would be detrimental to other people/companies using the Spotlight platform; and if we have information about a person/company in the public domain