Author Agreement Surgical Oncology

Experimental Themes All authors must adhere to recognized ethical standards. In the case of studies involving human subjects or laboratory animals, the authors must explicitly state in the “Materials and Methods” section that the testing protocols have been approved by the relevant institutional review committee and are consistent with the guidelines of their competent government authority. In humans, informed consent is essential. Offprints The author receives a free personalized share link that offers 50 days of free access to the final published version of the article on ScienceDirect. The Share link can be used for the release of the article via any communication channel, including email and social media. For a fee, paper prints can be ordered via the print order form sent for publication after the article has been accepted. Co-authors and co-authors can order off-offerprints at any time through Elsevier`s Author Services. Authors who have published their gold open access article do not receive a sharing link because their final version of the open access article is available on ScienceDirect and can be shared via the DOI-Link article. You will find a complete explanation of competing interests in our editorial policy. If you are not sure that you or one of your co-authors has a competing interest, please contact the editor.

Group author (for manuscripts with a collaboration group): If you want each member of a collaboration group to be viewed through their pubMed recordings, make sure that the title of the collaboration group is included on the front page and in the submission system and that the names of collaborative authors appear in the last paragraph of the “Confirmations” section. Please add authors to the first-time, average initial format (optional), last name. You can add institute or country information for each author if you wish, but this should be consistent for all authors. Illustration Services Elsevier`s author services offer illustration services for authors who are preparing to submit a manuscript, but are concerned about the quality of the images accompanying their article. Experienced illustrators at Elsevier can create scientific, technical and medical images as well as a range of diagrams, tables and graphs. Image `Polishing` is also available, where our illustrators take your images and improve them to a professional standard. Please visit the site to learn more. New from May 2019.Compliance with study type policies The different types of studies on the website By Equator forHealth Research Reporting must be presented to participants with a finalized checklist for each type of article. The types of studies that require transmission with a full checklist are not limited to:Random Trials. These must comply with the CONSORT guidelines and provide both a CONSORT checklist and a flow diagram. Systematic evaluations, including meta-analyses. They must stick to the PRISM checklist.

Authors should refer to the Equator for Health ResearchReporting website for these checklists and other types of studies that may be submitted to the journal.