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In general, articulation agreements document a path between two or more institutions or universities and their university programs. Joint agreements are also mentioned in transfer agreements, transfer guides and transfer routes for different target groups. It is important that there are three perspectives of articulation agreements: one per student/learner, the other according to the chain and the other by the receiving institution. The main site of the articulation between California community colleges and CSUs and UCs. Look at the courses you take for your major and more. The Chancery of the CSUThe website of the CSU Chancery, which includes a student department with links to CSU sports programs, clubs and campus organizations, student newspapers, veterans` services, etc. SJSU focuses primarily on securing articulation agreements with California community colleges, as they are our main feeder schools. Most of these agreements identify California Community courts that can be used instead of a SJSU course to meet secondary requirements specific to the SJSU. From university to university and other regionally accredited higher education and university professionals, we are not a top priority. It is recommended that all agreements be used in conjunction with the Cal Poly catalogue, which lists the most recent program, and the transfer selection criteria, which indicate the current course lists required to participate in competitive access. Transfer agreements, sometimes called articulation agreements, are the official requirements of courses between Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC) and the colleges or universities to which you wish to transfer. The articulation courses make sure that you take the right courses for the transfer. LAPC has joint agreements with a wide variety of higher education institutions, including the University of California (UC) campuses, the California State University (CSU) campus, and private and out-of-state colleges/universities.

The articulation can be performed by course, for basic needs and/or for general education requirements. Check the current transfer course agreements on this page and meet with an LAPC advisor to develop an education plan. If you don`t agree with a university or university you`re interested in, make an appointment with an LAPC counsellor and they can help you develop an education plan to get you to the university of your dreams. Any questions? Contact Cristina Rodriguez, head of articulation. How should students begin to explore their possibilities? The first step a student can take is to check the search for a transfer agreement on CollegeTransfer.Net in order to limit your potential targets. We have thousands of transfer agreements published in one place.