Senior High Segway Program


 (def: the act of changing smoothly from one setting to another.  A smooth transition.  In this case, moving from high school to post-high school plans for career, college or the military as successfully as possible.)

Dual enrollment for high school students in college courses has gained acceptance and popularity and continues to expand. This program provides exposure to college work while in a high school setting.

Summit Christian Academy’s Senior High Segway Program is unique and flexible, offering students the opportunity to take traditional content courses in the classroom as well as college-level courses online. The program is designed for 11th and 12th grade students to earn their SCA high school diploma while also earning college credit. An SCA Segway Program supervisor provides personalized, one-to-one instruction and support as students complete Segway courses for college credit. Each Segway course earns a student one high school credit and three college credits. Students may use credits toward careers, college, the military, or technical and trade schools.

Why Segway?
  • As students complete online courses, opportunities for group learning and support in a classroom setting are included.
  • Online courses are completed in a learning lab with a supervisor to assist, provide one-to-one instruction, lead in group discussion, and encourage learning.
  • Traditional courses are completed in a classroom setting with other high school students.
  • Unlike online college coursework completed at home, an SCA Segway program supervisor will provide personalized, one-to-one instruction in a classroom setting as students complete post-high school courses.
  • The Segway Program maintains a sense of community through high school graduation, and provides additional opportunities for extra-curriculars and camaraderie among peers.
  • The program offers financial incentives for saving money on college tuition. College credits earned in high school provide students and families an average savings of $1,600 per three credit course.
  • Students benefit as they may use credits toward college, the military, or technical and trade schools.
  • College credits earned while at SCA may transfer to a college of the student’s choice.
  • Alternatives during online summer sessions, as well as options at other post-secondary schools, offer opportunities for additional enrichment in higher level math courses, science courses, and foreign language courses.
  • Junior and senior class missions ministry trips for fun, ministry, and learning, as well as high school credit toward graduation.
  • Because of a more flexible schedule for students in the program, special opportunities for independent study may be possible.

Traditional SCA Courses – In the Classroom

(for high school credit)


  • This course builds on writing style, usage, and mechanics, as well as literary analysis.


  • A year-long study of essential Bible doctrines, with strong emphasis on the application of truth to daily living.


  • This course outlines United States colonization, with focus on the Reconstruction era through modern times.

Foundations of Godly Living

  • Four key components to godly living that are critical to being a successful child of God will be discussed. This course includes a one-week missions ministry trip. 

Physical Education


Segway Courses – In the Classroom and Online

(for high school and college credit)


Quarter 1: September 3-October 11

TH120 – Building a Biblical Lifestyle:

  • This course will help the student to develop a philosophy and strategy of godly living        that will  guide him or her for a lifetime.


Quarter 2: October 21-December 20

EN121 – Academic and Research Writing:

  • This course is designed to enable the student to communicate clearly and effectively in written and spoken word.


Quarter 3: January 13-March 6

BA102 – Introduction to Business (Math Course):

  • This course provides a foundational overview of various business functions such as management, ethics, leadership, and motivation. 


Missions Ministry Trip: March 7-15


Quarter 4: March 16-May 8

PS100 – General Psychology (Science Course):

  • This course is an introduction to the field of psychology as a scientific discipline concerned with the study of behavior and cognitive processes.


To Apply:

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