Barbara Raught Memorial Scholarship

The Raught family has established the Barbara Raught Memorial Scholarship as an ongoing memorial to her service at our school and to help give more students the opportunity to receive a Christ-centered education. Gifts designated for this purpose will provide financial aid to students attending Summit Christian Academy.

Secure, online gifts may be made through PayPal by clicking on the button below or by sending a check made payable to Summit Christian Academy to 660 Griffin Pond Road, South Abington Township, PA 18411. Please note on your check or PayPal donation ( use “Add special instructions to seller” section) that the gift is for the scholarship fund.

Thank you, God, for Mrs. Raught and for blessing us through her.

About Barbara Raught

August 14, 1978, was a great day for Christian school education and for hundreds of students who would be influenced by the teaching ministry of Barbara Raught at Summit Baptist Academy and The Baptist High School. It was on that date that Mrs. Raught was interviewed to teach music and physical education at the school.  She began teaching at SBA a few weeks later.

Her ministry would span the next 18 years as her primary focus became teaching English and literature. We estimate that the number of students who developed their English skills and increased their knowledge of literature under her teaching to be in the hundreds. She was loved by her students and was an enthusiastic, godly example of what it means to be a Christian.

A teacher survey conducted when Mrs. Raught was employed at the school reflects the love and respect both parents and students had for her.

Comments from students included: “I think that Mrs. Raught does a great job at TBHS. I loved it when you put the bandana on your head with the flower during A Tale of Two Cities. I live for your classes. You’re the best teacher, and I am glad that I have you this year.”

Comments from parents: “Our girls had nothing but good to say about Mrs. Raught. We think you’re a wonderful teacher. My daughter loves Mrs. Raught and has a great respect for her. She gets excited and animated in discussing her classes. She also says Mrs. Raught is the most consistent and fair teacher at the school. I’m very thankful for the positive influence she has had on our child’s life. Thank you, Mrs. Raught.”

Mrs. Raught concluded her teaching career at The Baptist High School in June, 1998, but her influence lives on in the lives and ministries of her students and will be seen to the praise of God’s glorious grace throughout eternity.